New Surf SOHO MK3 Time Stamp Question

Hello. I’m a Newbie. In the Status>Event Log windows a few date & timestamps are not correct.
Can someone let me know if this is normal or not? Should I be concerned? All other event log’s date and time are correct. Many thanks!

ex. Dec 31 (time here) System: Wi-Fi AP Normal Mode
ex. Dec 31 (time here) WAN: WAN connected (x.x.x.x)
ex. Dec 31 (time here) System: Started up (8.1.1 build 4994)

I believe that just at startup or reboot. I did a reboot last night, see in picture.
I’m still playing around with ntp to get all my devices synced.

Yes, your are correct. This was at start this morning after a scheduled reboot. Will my router get synced up in a few days? Should I be concerned if not synced up soon? That’s all.

Check the status. Compare time to another source.

As I stated in the original message, all other event log time and date are correct.
Just the startup/reboot date and time stamps are wrong. Will my router get synced up in a few days? Should I be concerned if not synced up soon? That’s all.

Your router does not have a real-time clock in it. So, when it boots it does not know what time it is. That’s expected. Ensure you have a valid time server specified and you should evidence of the router’s clock being set shortly after boot. Is that not happening? If this does not occur and your WAN is healthy I’d recommending changing the time server in use.

As Rick said, this is normal indeed. The first 3 or 4 messages generated when booting up will have a default/wrong date/time. These messages will stay with the wrong date/time in the log forever, but the router knows the time as soon as you see the Time synchronization successful message in the Event Log. From that point on, all log messages should have the correct date/time.

There used to be a bug in the logs where sometimes the date or time would just display wrong. But it was always obvious. You would see something like
10:01:06 AM
10:01:05 AM
10:22:04 AM
10:01:03 AM
10:01:02 AM
It only seemed to happen when there was a flood of messages.
As of firmware 8.1.1, I am pretty sure this bug has been fixed.

Excellent feedback! All other logs have the correct time stamp. I’m good. Thanks everyone! Great web forum. Glad I purchased the Surf SOHO router. Will NEVER go back to consumer. Still have ALOT to learn. All in good time. :slight_smile: BTW: I left the default ntp. Anyone know of good reliable ntps to use. Or, is default fine?

Default should be fine. You could be adventurous and go here

pick the continent you are on, then pick the country you are in.

Thank you! :slight_smile: