New Surf SOHO MK3 (HW1) V8.1.1 Endless Scanning 2.4 & 5Ghz Wifi as WA

Hello, I’m a newbie to the router world so please be patient and keep replies non-techie. I have a new Surf SOHO MK3 (HW1) v8.1.1. This is a simple, home garden setup. An Untagged (Private) LAN able to use any of the 4 Ethernet ports. I also created three VLANs/SSIDs for WiFi devices using Layer 2 Isolation. Only one VLAN/SSID is set to use both 2.4 and 5 Ghz. Other 2 set to 2.4 Ghz using 1, 6 and 11 channel. Ethernet connected PCs do have Internet - no problem here. BUT Wifi is the bad boy. When I tried to “find” the Wifi names say in my phone for the first time it would not show up. Nearby Wifi names dropped from the list. Strange. Reboot modem and router. Ended up adding the Wifi name with pwd to connect (I think) long day… In the end Wifi devices are now connected. However, when I go to the Dashboard, the 2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz Wifi for WAN display endless “scanning”. It does not say connected like the LAN connection displays. Why? Did I miss something to configure? Help me. Greatly appreciated! Also followed Michael Horowitz’s setup guide - VERY GOOD!

This is used to connect your SOHO to a 3rd party WIFI hotspot to get internet access from it (like wifi in a camping site, or wifi from another DSL internet connection). If you are not doing that disable the WIFI WAN as the scanning can cause trouble with the normal WIFI access point.

Wow! Quick response - thank you MartinLangmaid. I moved them into the disabled section. I was “thinking” they were linked to the 3 WiFi APs in the same window a little farther down the windows - they are On. I manually moved them up in Priority 2 thinking these were causing my first time wifi connection hiccups the other day. Everything is so new but I’m learning fast. Newbie to router world. Many thanks.

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No worries - and welcome to the forum!

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