New Surf on the Go use

I bought a rural house with no internet so I use a Verizon Jetpack hotspot. Now with my Surf, the whole house has internet. My Samsung TV and tablet both get great connections. At my other house, the Tablet can communicate with the TV through the home network using Allshare, but I can’t using the Pepwave Surf. Is there a setting I need to change?


Can you provide detail info what do you mean can’t using the Pepwave Surf ? May i know what are the setting defined for the SOTG ?

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With my home network, my tablet and pc can connect to each other for file sharing or Samsung’s “Allshare”. With my SOTG at the new house, my TV, PC and tablet can all surf the web through my hotspot and SOTG, but they don’t see each other.


This is weird. Look like this may related to multicast traffics issue.

  1. To isolate any firmware related issue, please upgrade the device using the following firmware:

Firmware: 1.0.28

After upgraded to the above firmware please verify whether the problem still persist.

  1. If the issue still persist after firmware upgrade, please try to disable the “Multicast Enhancement” and see whether this will help for your issue ?

Settings –> Basic Settings –> AP Settings

  1. If the above can’t help for the issue, please open a support here for the team to further investigate.

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Interesting that you indicate firmware release 1.0.28 yet the website indicates 1.0.26 as the latest version. An oversight?

Also do you document the fixes and enhancements for each release?

And how about an updated manual? For example, Cellular settings has a checkbox ‘Preferred Modem’ but there’s no mention of this in the SOTG manual (which, BTW has no version information…) nor does a Google search bring up anything. What does ‘preferred Modem’ do?

v1.0.26 is an official release at the moment. v1.0.28 is a stable firmware which was tested internally with additional features and supported USB modem.

Thanks for bringing up this. This is a web UI bug and this feature will removed in future firmware release.