New Surf on the Go. No setup instructions

I received this today with no instructions. I have it connected to my laptop and downloaded the .pdf manual. The IP does not work, nor does it show up on my wireless network. I see a very strong signal from Celcom KTW, but have no idea what it is unless this is a customer return sold to me as new. Any help would be appreciated. If not I’ll be returning it tomorrow.


We wouldn’t sell a recycle unit to customer as new. I believe SSID - Celcom KTW is broadcast by nearby AP.

Your laptop ables to grab IP (192.168.20.x)? Please ensure laptop NIC is not using static IP.

Else please reset this unit (press and hold the reset button more than 10 seconds) and try again.

Cyberguys on Amazon just confirmed what I said. They found more with this SSID out of Malaysia. Why lie about it?


This should not happen by our policy. Do PM me your serial number in order for us to investigate.

Hi Drexel,

This seems to be a serious statement, and we definitely will investigate and reveal the truth.

Appreciate on your effort to notify us on this incident.

Best regards.

Hi Drexel,

First off I want to personally apologize for this experience you had with our product and support! Secondly, please understand that TK was not trying to be spiteful or rude - he was just trying to do his job and offer you support and I believe you may have taken his comments out of context.

Anyways, it is completely possible Amazon shipped you a unit that was pre-configured for a different customer and this is definitely our fault and should NOT have happened. Please return it to Amazon for a full refund and we will ship out a brand new one to you directly at no charge. As a sign of good faith we are also going to offer you a free AP One AC mini or Surf-SOHO, your choice, for the hassle you have had! I will follow up with you via direct email.

Once again, sorry for the unpleasant experience you had but we will make this right with you. We are very big on customer service and strive for happy satisfied customers!

Best regards,
The Peplink Team

Got a new Surf On The Go July 18, 2015. It had a Quick Start Guide.