New surf installation with PiHole problems

Hi all,

Just set up a new surf soho for home. Trying to figure out the best DNS resolver configuration to use. Not quite sure i understand how the DNS proxy and forwarding works.

I have both enabled. I also define cloudfare dns for WAN connection. Lan connection is set to obtain DNS automatically.

In the DNS proxy settings, i checked off my main lan under Lan connection > DNS resolvers and set it to my PiHole static IP. I have configured OpenDNS as my upstream dns servers in PiHole.

My LAN clients arent getting resolved through the PiHole, everything points to cloudfare. I was expecting OpenDNS to be the dns resolver.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Have a look at this thread:


Thanks. I get it now. Ran some tests with DNS proxy and forwarding on. I manually set my DNS resolver on iPhone to the PiHole, which has OpenDNS upstream configured. I was still seeing Cloudfare in the dns leak test. Cloudfare makes sense since it’s set as my WAN dns resolver. So the proxy intercepted the OpenDNS request from PiHole and sent it to Cloudfare.

If I disable the DNS proxy, OpenDNS is used fully.

So in order to properly use a PiHole hosted on the LAN, the DNS proxy and forwarding has to be disabled.

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