New set up - any tips? MAX BR1

I just bought the MAX BR1 and the Mobility 42G antenna. I’m planning on using SF Connect, Verizon, and perhaps an AT&T prepaid plan as a back up. What kind of obstacles should I expect? I’ve seen some issues with activation on Verizon, but I’m confident I can navigate those. I intend to place the antenna atop my travel trailer, I assume it should be a pretty straightforward installation, once I have power sorted and antenna routed. Would this provide me pretty consistent internet on the go? I will be living out of my trailer and do a lot of work with digital media. Some streaming, some video delivery.

Thanks for the help! I’m super excited to get this set up.

HI Eric. Well, it sound like you have things figured out so far. When you mount the antenna try to make sure it’s view is not “blocked” by other appurtenances on the roof (sometimes difficult – just do the best you can.) Keep the transmission cables as short as possible; if you think they should be longer than what Peplink has provided consider relocating the router to avoid this.

As to your question about “pretty consistent internet on the go …” I’ll say from the perspective of both user and Partner the greatest frustration – far and away – is the cellular carriers. If you can get avoid that hurdle/frustration the Peplink equipment will do its job. (That’s a “USA perspective.” Elsewhere in the world the cellular frustrations may be greatly less [or perhaps more in a few places.])

You’d be welcome to come back here with follow-up questions. There are a lot of well experienced folks who will help.

I agree, will be location, and carrier specific. I e traveled and needed multiple carriers and wifi wan in some places to get reliable connectivity. No fault of the peplink. I’d be considering Starlink as an additional wan.

For what it’s worth. Here are some pictures of an antennae mount we made for my son’s travel trailer. Not to keen on making holes in the roof.
At any rate, he was with a group of other campers at a RV park in Ft. Lauderdale. He managed his Starlink through a Peplink CAT-18 and allowed campers in his group to access his network via WiFi. A few were in excess of 300’ away. Multiple streaming applications were active at times.
I would like to think this success could be attributed to the design of my mount (HA HA)… in reality Peplink, Starlink & Poynting made it possible. Peplink was mounted in a cabinet in the back of the travel trailer to minimize antenna cable run. Distribution of signals from DISHY to Peplink was wireless with the DISHY fracas installed in a storage bay in the front of the travel trailer.676748758.jpg|1536x2048

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I have a similar setup in my rv. ( br1 pro 5g + 42g)

haven’t had the courage to drill a hole in my roof, but will do it at the end of summer.

I switch between Verizon and att prepaid. We DO need both