New router doesn't seem to get address from cable modem?

I followed the directions, attached power, plugged the cable from the modem to the wan port, attached my PC to the router, logged into it. The getting address just never stops. Tried a different cable, same thing. Moved the cable back to the old router, old router works fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem might be? If it matters, my provider is Comcast.

It might be that the cable modem is sticky or locked to the MAC address of your existing routers WAN.

It could be worth powering down the cable modem for a few minutes and see if that clears it.

If that doesn’t work you can try cloning the MAC of your old routers WAN into the Peplink so the cable modem think it is seeing the same device as before.

If you’re not sure how to get the MAC of your old routers WAN you can try plugging the old router WAN into your Peplink LAN so it pulls an IP from DHCP, then on the Peplink go to Status > Client List and copy the MAC address you see there for the router.

You then would go to the WAN config on the Peplink and set the MAC address to custom and fill that box with the MAC address of your old routers WAN port (unplug the old router from the Peplink before you do this).

After that see if the cable modem starts working.

Your situation sounds extremely similar to the one I presented in ticket 21070104 last July, also with Comcast. Peplink engineers made a huge and sustained effort to resolve this but no cooperation whatsoever was received from Comcast. The latter controlled the result, sadly.

The advice from @WillJones, above, is excellent and is what I would try first. In our case it did not work, however. I’m curious: What make/model of modem do you have?

I agree with @willjones, it feels like it’s expecting a specific mac.
Either call them to have them release the mac, or try the clone method.

I’ll give the reboot of the cablemodem a try and see if that helps any. It does seem to be related to what Rick-DC had in that the Peplink goes into infinite ‘waiting’ mode. I think that may have been the only thing I haven’t tried. The modem is an Xfinity XB6-T.

I doubt it’s a MAC address issue but that could be easy enough to try as well. Thank you for the suggestions.

Barbara: If you have not already done so I think this is time to get Comcast tech support (such as it is) involved. This does not smell like a Peplink issue.

Try a staggered reboot of the devices, unplug both the router and cable modem from power. Power on the cable modem first and let it fully boot up, get a signal, and all the lights turn green. Then plug the power to the router back in and see if it picks up at that point.