New purchases to update aging Balance line devices


I’ve used a Balance 30 LTE model since 2016. It continues to perform well for my home. I currently use it on Verizon. The hardware is starting to show it’s age, with only supporting bands 4 and 13 on Verizon.

I do not use WiFi on this device and solely use it as a WAN input into a Balance One router (that also has its WiFi disabled). I use a UniFi UAP Pro for WiFi for my house.

What would be a decent hardware upgrade for the Balance 30 LTE to support additional bands for Verizon, but also future-proof for other providers?

Also, what would be a good upgrade for the Balance One? I need the same amount of LAN ports or more.

This is being used in a home, so the budget isn’t as big as for a business purchase.


Hi Xerxes,

You could definitely take a look at the MAX Adapter and just plug it straight in to your Balance One:

For the most band support I would recommend the Cat 12 version - MAX-ADP-LTEA-R-T with MSRP at $349. If you are willing to spend more than you can’t go wrong with the 5G version.

Is there anything wrong with the Balance One?

Thanks. I hadn’t heard of this product before. I am in the USA so it looks like model MAX-ADP-LTEA-R-T is correct.

The 5G version appears to be MAX-ADP-5GH-T. It says global. Does that mean it supports all current and known 5G bands from all carriers?

Nothing is necessarily wrong with the Balance, other than it overheats and reboots when I used it for wireless. Since switching to a UniFi UAP Pro and disabling WiFi on the Balance One, it’s been stable.

I dont think peplink products support standalone 5g yet but I might be wrong.

Not sure what you mean there?

5G NSA versus SA

Sorry, but what is the differentiation? What does this mean for US based 5G carriers?

google it, sorry i dont work for peplink, i dont have the time to explain but you can easily find the info