New Presentation: Transportation Wi-Fi

Hello All,

If you have prospects in the passenger transportation industry, then this
presentation is for you! See how Peplink products can help connect
passengers to reliable Wi-Fi while implementing a custom guest portal.


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This presentation is the first in a series of presentations that will address
the specific needs of different markets. The permalink below will lead
you to the latest versions of all the presentations in the series. Feel free
to share this material and use this in your sales kit, and let us know what
you think!


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It’s great to hear you’ve added per user limit rates on bandwidth through the primary router now. Which models support these new features and what version of firmware needs to be installed?

Great marketing tools!!

The idea of providing marketing material focused on industry-specific solutions is useful to prospecting and selling solutions. We hope to publish more material useful as this for business development. Thank You.

Hi Matt,

Per user bandwidth limits are available on all devices from Firmware 5.4 onwards.

I been through the presentation and would like to ask few questions for the same. Peplinks provides Combine Multiple commodity links and also gives control of QoS to manage the priority as per the traffic. The VoIP is through Virtual PBX settings, will I get the main admin user interface on InControl 2. Can anyone give an ball park figure of the cost compare to competitors of Peplink.