New POC WITH BR1-LTE for remote location video-surveilance solution

we are trying to push a opportunity with a new customer by deplying a POC with a MAX BR1-LTE on a remote site with 1 video camera generating alerts and notifications, and sometimes the cliente will need to remotly access to visualize some stored video and fine tune their system.

This is the configuration proposed:
LocalSite - Fusion Hub - 5 VPN Peers - HOT Failover (virtual appliance to be installed on EXSI server)
Remote Site - MAX-BRI-LTE

We have done the following speedtests on the remote site trough a mobile device.
10Mbps – Download
6.9Mbps – Upload
Latência: 80 ms

7Mbps – Download
8.4 Mbps – Upload
Latência: 24 ms


  1. The system will mostly need to send emails, and text messages based on the local system notifications configuration. will the above latencys wont compromise the alerts?
  2. They need to remotly access trough PEP-VPN the systems to view incident stored videos related with their system, and fine tune the configuration, do you see any difficult based on the above speedtests?
    Will a external Antenna on the MAX-BR1-LTE help reduce Latency?


  1. Those latency readings will not compromise alerts.
  2. No issues with remote access at all either.
  3. An external antenna will not generally improve latency.

We do a lot of remotely deployed CCTV and ANPR over 4G - biggest challenge is bandwidth usage when there isn’t enough intelligence at the edge.

Here is a CloudCase enclosure we make with POE+ output for the ANPR camera and radar detector

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Out of curiosity, what camera / storage / software setup are you considering? Local storage (i.e. NVR) or cloud storage? Is this mission critical surveillance or just a nice to have if it works most of the time? In terms of bandwith, it really depends on what camera/hardware/settings are. Some cameras carry multiple feeds (i.e. high resolution dome type) and can use a lot of bandwidth at the higher resolutions.

The camera is FHD outdoor dome with analytic video system features, all video is storage locally and will be monitored remotely based on the incident notifications, from the client headquarter trough PEP-VPN.

can you be any more specific as to make/model of camera, nvr, software, etc