New Pepwave SOHO MK3 (8.1.2) behind ATT Pace 5268AC

Greetings from a new Pepwave SOHO user. The SOHO was set up per Michael Horowitz recommendations (Thanks Michael for your very informative website !!!).

I would like to know if anyone has any experience with the ATT (Pace) Gateway 5268ac with regard to any settings that need to be configured before I go online.

Thanks for your help!

I don’t have experience specifically with that device, but you should be able to simply plug the pepwave behind any ISP’s router that hands out a DHCP device and have it come online.
At most you may have to disable or tweak the WAN health smart checks, if the upstream device complains about too many dns healthchecks.

Let us know your results.

Thanks for your reply!

I have an internet connection now.

*** I’m wondering if I need to put the SOHO in the DMZplus mode in the Pace5268ac configuration page???

*** Also, I setup my Honeywell Security Panel on a VLAN (InterLAN unchecked and Isolation checked) with its own SSID. The cameras are ethernet connected through a unmanaged Netgear switch at LAN Port #4 which is the private LAN (No VLAN). I can’t see the cameras on the panel (It searches to no avail). I do see the cameras on cellphone through the Honeywell app.

Help!!! I have bad neighbors in the area and trying to keep things locked down as best as possible.

Thanks for your help!!!

Check with att on how to put in in bridge mode, I’m guessing dmz plus is pretty close to getting it to pass thru.

Thanks! The DMZplus mode worked to send public IP over to SOHO and bypass ATT gateway. The items (TV and Voip) are still secure thru the gateway.

The other thing I noticed is that the 5hz band seems to be weak compared to the Netgear it replaced. The SOHO is in a equipment closet in the basement close to the upper floor. I have the SOHO 5hz on MAX BOOST. Will this cause issues?

Thanks for your help!