New! Peplink MediaFast Accelerates Internet Content Delivery

MediaFast is our new content acceleration solution for school, mobile command, and enterprise where Internet bandwidth is sometimes expensive but limited.

MediaFast downloads, caches, and delivers on-demand, uninterrupted content anywhere at blazing speed, even when broadband is slow or nearly nonexistent.

**Beat Bandwidth and Streaming Problems with MediaFast **
MediaFast downloads web audio, video, iTunes U, and other content during off-peak hours or on-the-fly. Users can play back content over and over without worrying about glitches, dropouts, or low-quality streams.

MediaFast is ideal for e-learning in low-bandwidth environments. Plus, it saves connectivity costs, reduces network burden during busy times, and offers built-in iOS device and app control.

MediaFast is also a great choice for first response, digital signage, and other applications that demand quick, reliable access to content. MediaFast can even improve performance and save bandwidth on busy Wi-Fi hotspots.

Learn More and Order Your MediaFast
To order yours, contact a Peplink Certified Partner today. Download datasheet and learn more.

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Hi Team - I can’t wait to get our hands on these devices. Do you have an idea of when the MediaFast models will start shipping?


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They will be shipping soon Mike!

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Missed tell what kind of technology that was used, for example using something based on squid lusca or any other system in the market cache? It’s something simple that could more is more detailed in the datasheet.

Some other questions:

  1. How do I set which maximum and minimum file size that the system cache? It automatically detect the size / type and hit the site to determine if the file will be cached or not, or is it manual?

  2. Why has no option to connect to a storage system such as SAN or FTP? (Since the two are locally has a high speed)

  3. Some of these models will have support for OSPF?



I would like to know more about Peplink MediaFast. Are there any integration test done with existing squid servers? I would be more beneficial for server providers if they can share the cache content hash with their existing cache farm and share loads for some type of content being cached.

OM Networks.

Hi Team,

Does Peplink MediaFast supporting Youtube caching? Download videos of a subscriptions?

OM Networks.