new peplink 380

hello all.

i have just had this blance 380 placed on my desk and asked if this would work… so i have a fortigate firewall with 50 IPSev VPN devices currently connected to it. We only have the 1 external ip address. so not knowing much about the kit. will this kit go in front or behind the firewall. are there any setup guides for this kit ?

What services do you want to use the balance 380 for?
What services do you want to use the fortigate firewall for?
Do you have a proposed network diagram?
I’m leaning towards putting the peplink 380 in drop-in-mode shared ip, but more details will help.

Hi Thanks

the fortigate is our main firewall and we currenlty terminate VPNs on it. We want to use the 380 for the sim bonding features. im guessing the sim bonded VPNs will terminate on the 380 and the rest will terminate on the fortigate

ive not come up with a design yet as i am still looking at the best options.

Put the B380 behind the fortigate, assign a static IP or DHCP reservation to the assigned IP on the WAN of the B380.
Port forward TCP/UDP 32015 and UDP 4501 (4500 will likely be in use by your fortigate IPSEC VPN) through from fortigate WAN to B380 WAN.

You’ll then be able to terminate SpeedFusion VPN on the B380 from remote cellular routers.

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cool thanks dude. so with putting it behind the firewall assign it a 192.168.33.x which is the l local network IP or in a DMZ ?

Do it like this:

With the static route in place on the forti, devices on the 192.168.33.x network can access lan IPs on the remote MAX routers.

On the B380 you’ll need to edit the default WAN settings and change them from NAT to IP Forwarding (although you can test with NAT enabled). You will also need to advertise the network on WAN1 to the remote MAX devices using OSPF (or set all traffic on the remote MAX devices to be sent over the VPN).