New Outgoing Mail Server Issue: Can't connect using SSL


I am unable to get a new email address to work for outgoing notifications. Here are the error messages:

[INFO] Try email through connection #0
[ERROR] sig_alrm: Timeout (14)!!!
[INFO] Try email through connection #1
[ERROR] Can’t connect using SSL
[INFO] Try email through connection #2
[ERROR] Can’t connect using SSL
[INFO] Try email through connection #0
[ERROR] sig_alrm: Timeout (14)!!!

The SSL settings are correct and here is all the mail server information I am using:

• Server Name:
• SSL Required: Yes (If you receive errors when using SSL, try using TLS instead.)
• Port: 587
• SMTP Authentication Required: Yes
• Username: Your full iCloud email address (for example, “[email protected]”, not “test")
• Password: Your iCloud password

Test messages with this configuration via a mail client go through fine. I have also tried the default SSL port of 465 without any success. Any suggestions?

Dr. Z.

We are checking of this and will reply you soon.

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Currently, our Email Notification supports SSL only. But, supports only STARTTLS, therefore, at this moment, you have to use another SMTP server such as Gmail’s SMTP for Email Notification.

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Thanks for looking into this issue for me. If you haven’t already, could you please put support for STARTTLS email on future Peplink software revisions? Here is why…

I have a home/business that basically “talks” to me via text and emails, all from one email account. My Peplink router is just one of the many devices that is coordinated under home automation and security. Sure, opening up a free Gmail account just for Peplink has now been done, but isn’t as efficient as having all operations updates come through one channel.

More microchips than sense,
Dr. Z.

i have asked about TLS support as well. it needs to be done ASAP.

I have researched this issue and Peplink has known about people’s frustration with the Peplink products not supporting STARTTLS for a very long time (google the issue and you will see). PLEASE implement STARTTLS support for Email notification.

Why has this not been implanted thus far?

There is no plan on this sadly.

Hi all,

The requested features already in our road map. Tentatively to be available on firmware version 6.3.

Is there any update on having TLS support?


We don’t have confirmation date on v6.3 release. Stay tuned.


I didn’t see on 6.3 Release Note the support the TLS function. Any update when will be support TLS?

Thanks in advance.


The requested feature (Email Notification support for STARTTLS) have been rescheduled. The feature will be consider for next major firmware release.

Thank you


Has this issue been solved with firmware 6.3.2. I have a peplink Balance 30 and need to setup email notifications with an office 365 account however it does not work. I have tried it with personal gmail and yahoo accounts which work. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

Any update on this please? This has been promised for a while now.


Is version 7.0 considered a major release? If so can you please let the community know when TLS for email notification will be available.


Hello everyone,

Is there any update on this, one of our customers is facing the same issue.