New Modem Running Firmware 8.1.2. Upgrade To 8.2.0?

Have a shiny new MAX BR1 5G sitting here. It’s running firmware v8.1.2. “Check For Firmware” says I can Download and Upgrade to v8.2.0.

Do it: Yea or Nay?

Read the change log.

Read the thread here on the firmware release.

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I don’t know about your model, but a few of us with Duos have upgraded to 8.20, had major issues, then downgraded to 8.13 and still have issues that didn’t exist prior to upgrading to 8.20. Yay.

If you really want/need some new feature it’s your call.

Didn’t see anything scary, so I went ahead and did it. Didn’t appear to break anything :slight_smile:

@erutan, perhaps save config, factory reset, and restore config?

Tried that a few times amongst many other things - I’ve had multiple diagnostic dumps viewed, remote assistance sessions etc since a ticket in April and basically ended up relying on the forum to get as far as I am now with one of the modems occasionally not being detected on boot.

Glad things are going well. For me it was a mix of all carriers occasionally not connecting requiring a disable/enable shuffle or a reboot, modems resetting on their own, general sluggishness when changing settings / priorities and the unit occasionally completely freezing up on WAN+LAN for 30s-2m or so (not dependent on any variable as far as I can tell).

That’s not encouraging :frowning:

One of the reasons we’re going with Peplink for this project was perceived reliability/robustness.

Not to diminish the importance of your problems, but I sure hope you’re an outlier.

I’m thinking it might be a slightly bad modem at this point - if so that’d be on Sierra Wireless and pretty any router company is using third party modems. For whatever reason 8.13 doesn’t freak out with it as much as 8.20, though I’ve never seen a “device not detected” just sit in my dashboard before downgrading so who knows.

Up until last month it worked great. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Max series holds a really unique sort of “prosumer” place in the market, where competing bonding solutions are either cobbled together software or hardware that’s an order of magnitude more expensive. I wouldn’t worry too much, or at least not more than you would with any piece of hardware that’s a critical bottleneck.