New Max Transit, cannot find field to enter PUK code to unlock a SIM

I googled this and only found info from 2015 & 2016, saying that function is in a coming build. It’s going on 6 years from the original post, how do I get to the field to unlock my SIM? I’m assuming there is a command line interface, but have not uncovered any references to that yet. Help, Need to unlock my SIM in my Max Transit today. -Bill

you can’t yet…

very unfortunate, I know.

6 years and still coming, must be a very difficult addition. Being a programmer in a prior life makes me think they don’t know its needed as its probably a few hours work. (if that) -Bill

They have delivered many other features since then. But the legendary feature requests list has never been seen by any mortal outside of Peplink dev team…

You would think an expensive device like this would have it. Luckily I found an old alcatel hotspot that allowed me to do it. They don’t know how close I can to just putting it back in the box and returning it for such a basic requirement not being there. Kind of has me wondering what other basic features are missing. JA. -Bill

OMG. its there in the tools. How did I miss that. I am going to start looking for my white cane with the red tip.

Hi Bill,

Where did you find out to enter the PUK? I’ve been trying to find it too. Is it in the Peplink router page or on the InControl2 page? Can you direct me to where I can locate it?

Thanks for your help!

Its under the Advanced tab, then on the left side, scroll to the bottom. SIM Toolkit I have yet to look into incontrol. Not really sure what it is yet. Maybe remote control. I will figure that out after I get this thing fully installing in the Bus. -Bill