new MAX CAT 18 - basic networking and VPN working great!

Hi all,

Haven’t had a chance to hit the road yet (still too cold) but I though I would share some intial results regarding the basic networking capabilities of this beauty.

like many others I have configured my CAT 18 to provide in-trailer wired and wireless networking. for my “at home” situation I have configured the pepwave’s first priority to connect to my home wifi for internet, and this is working fantastic. I’ll use defaults for my example here jjust to illustrate what I’ve done: My trailer network is on and it connects to my home network (wifi-as WAN) which is on What works really well is that when connected via Wifi-as-WAN, the pepwave’s “listen on” IP address (for VPN) is dished out by my home network. say that’s All that is required to reach the trailer network from inside the house is to set up a VPN connection to It doesn’t break any speed records, but allows me full access to the pepwave network and any clients on it (such as my trailer’s NAS). A little patience is required to push data out to the trailer’s NAS but it does work (I have a Plex library out there that works while camping, even without an internet connection). But I’m getting 3-ish MB/s transfer speeds over VPN, which means I can make incremental updates to my media library. I find the connection stable and usable. even for a few hours, during a file copy. An important detail I configured to make this work is to register the pepwaves “listen on” IP address with my home network router, so that the lease doesn’t expire.

Anyway, its all working great! I’ll have a chance to test the cellular side in a few weeks but I’m so pleased with the basic networking features I had to share :-).