New MAX BR-1: No SIM card detected (T-Mobile SIM not recognized)


I have a brand new MAX BR-1 MK2 with latest firmware 8.0.2 installed. I inserted an activated SIM card (t-mobile Germany, 4G) and the router does not recognize the SIM card at all. In the log is says Cellular SIM card inserted in SIM slot A, but the device says in WAN settings SIM Card A “No SIM Card detected”. Also the LED for cellular on the router is off.


  • SIM card is acticated and works e.g. on my mobile phone
  • SIM has form factor 2 (mini SIM)
  • SIM is inserted in Sloat A with contacts facing down, small cutted edge goes in first
  • PIN is correctly entered
  • latest firmware installed on MAX BR-1 MK2
  • tried Slot A and B, no difference
  • tried different SIM card of different providers, no difference
  • modell name: MAX_BR1_4141_SO442-016


  • Is it possible, that the cellular feature is somehow disabled on the device?
  • If yes, how can the feature be enabled?
  • If not, what can I do to have the router recognize my SIM card?
  • I assume, that after inserting the SIM card, I should see e.g IMSI, IMEI, etc. on the admin interface?

Thanks for you help!
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Hi and Welcome to the Forum!

It sounds like the SIM is not seated properly. When you inserted the Sim in slot A (copper contacts face down, flat edge pointing out) did you hear and feel a positive click when it was pushed in?

Hi Martin,

thanks for your reply. SIM is facing with contacts down, when inserting into slot A, and facing up, when inserting into slot B. And yes, I feel the positive click (snap). SIM has the right form factor 2 (FF2, mini SIM). What do you mean with flat edge? The small cutted edge goes in first, I would assume that this is the natural way of inserting the SIM.
But I can try turning it, so that the cutted edge goes in last.

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Sounds like it is in right then. How strange that it is detected as inserted but not usable.


When sim gets inserted and detected, dashboard shows obtaining IP address, then it runs healthchecks then it would go green and be usable.

Sounds like you need to log a ticket.

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