New Maritime Antenna Series

The FAQ section for the new 20G and 40G maritime antennas suggests keeping two antennas at least 150cm apart to optimize the low end of the frequency range. If using a 4x4 mimo radio are they suggesting it is optimal to use 2 20G antennas spaced 150cm apart? Or is this spacing guidance suggesting that antennas for 2 separate radios would optimally be spaced at least 150cm apart? Thanks.


antenna spacing is required for two main purposes: antenna diversity (for the same radio) and antenna coupling (between different radios).

As a general rule which is recommended in the industry is to place omni antennas one wavelength apart, while three wavelengths apart is preferred. There are many online calculators you can use.

For instance if we take B71 band in US, which operates in 600-700MHz range, then 600MHz wave length is 50cm (19.7"). This is where this 150cm number came from.

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Thank you very much.

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