New(ish) Balance One, cannot access web console

Purchased a refurbished Balance One, I don’t have service from my ISP yet but I wanted to to verify and set up what I can on the new router.

Nothing connected to WAN port.

I did a factory reset (hold down button 10 seconds, watched the status light turn red, blink green, go solid green.)

Two PCs connected to separate LAN ports (port 1, port 8).

Tried getting IP through DCHP, don’t get IP.

Set static IPs and (mask The Balance one works as a switch, I can ping and make web connections between the two PCs.

But no response on, neither ping or web.

I am missing something obvious? Bad unit? Do need a connection to WAN in order to enable interface?


This is looking like a bad unit if you are sure you got the factory reset procedure correct.

You asked if you need a WAN connection to enable, I can say for sure that you do NOT need a WAN connection for that.

Good Luck