New guy firmware questions

Hello all,

I recently acquired a used MAX700. I am totally new to this type of device. I had some experience with networking, etc., however, this is a bit more complex than the devices I’m familiar with, here are the details of the device:
Model: MAX700
Product Code: MAS-GN2-R
Serial number entered via incontrol2, states it is out of warranty as of July 2013.

It is running firmware:
Current firmware version: 5.4.9
No update available

My primary question is in requires to the firmware.

  1. What the value in updating to V6.XXX, features? capabilities?
  2. What would it require to update the firmware? I attempted to access the warranty subscription procurement area of the site. no luck.
  3. Any other particulars I should know about my version of the device?

Thanks in advance for any help.


You will enjoy new features, system improvement and etc. Please find here for more details.

There is no restriction to upgrade firmware now. Please find the here to obtain your free firmware license key.

It is good to know your hardware version before upgrade. Please enter your Web UI and navigate to Status > Device.

Thanks! That was most helpful and I have successfully upgraded the firmware.

Another problem is that I’m missing the front panel DC terminal block with the two screens in it. Is there a place I can purchase one? Is there a part number? I’ve searched the available operators manual with no luck.



Please help to open ticket. Our support will make arrangement with you on this.

Opened a ticket… thanks!