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Is it possible that the device will be built with the following features:
1 - Built-in ADSL Modem
2 - An additional WAN Port
3 - A cellular USB Port (or Built-in SIM)
4 - Internal 802.11 ac WiFi
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Amir Asadi


  1. No, as this will be provided by the ISP
  2. We have products that range from 1 WAN to 13.
  3. Almost all of our gear supports Cellular over USB and BR1/HD series support Cellular over SIM.
  4. Our upcoming and newer AP’s already support this; AP One AC Mini and AP One Enterprise already support this. Unless you are talking about our MAX/Balance gear. In that regards any newer gear or HW revisions I would say it is a safe bet that the wi-fi would be upgraded to support AC.

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I appreciated your concern, but i mean that your company produce new products with this options.

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Amir Asadi – Technical Expert

Hi Amir, we have had similar requests in the past to embed an ADSL modem and even a DOCSIS cable modem into our products. The reality is that we feel having an Ethernet connection is the best solution because this is a known standard that will not be changing any time soon, whereas DSL and Cable technology keeps evolving. We feel the Ethernet interface is the best choice at this point.

Dear Tim,

In my opinion Peplink could have a big market if you integrate xDSL or Cable modem into your products as these technologies are still an important player is some countries. for example in our country ADSL modems has a very big market which is in D-link and TP-Link hands and I’m sure that if Peplink comes to this market it has value added benefits with the load balancing technology in the devices and you will get a big benefit.

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I suggest adding load balancing feature to Surf SOHO as an add-on software license.

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Amir Asadi – Technical Expert

Thanks for the feedback guys, leaving this here as a feature request.