New device :: Stuck in an infinite loop of red tape

I just purchased a new peplink balance 20 & am looking for a manual for it since there was NOTHING in the box. The only downloadable manual I see available is for firmware 6.12. My device is running firmware 5.4.9s29. Firmware 6.12 supposedly is available for the Balance 20 all I need is a firmware unlock key.
OK so fine, now I have to go to inControl and make yet ANOTHER account and log in there to get the key.
So now logged in @ inControl I try to enter my device serial # there AFTER already having registered it @ Peplink only now I’m told the serial number is not valid.

This is crazy stuff. I just want the manual (that SHOULD have been in the box) for my router & I’d like to be able to update the firmware without jumping through endless hoops and getting absolutely nowhere. Is there a reasonably straightforward way to accomplish either of the above?

Thank you…
signed frustrated

The 6.1.2 manual covers everything the 5.4.9 does and then some so this is the correct one.

Please double check that you are entering the correct serial number on InControl 2:

You can also just email salesatpeplinkdotcom with your serial number and we can just send you the unlock key.

Thanks, Tim.

I’ve entered the SN multiple times with the same result. I will try the email route.