New device notification

I would like my Peplink router to notify me when it encounters a new device, even if that device is Ethernet connected. I would like to know everything the router knows: date/time, MAC address, detected name of the device, the LAN side IP address.

The notification could be via email (a facility that already exists in the firmware), an Event log entry and/or text message. Pretty sure that an email to a cellphone using its number as the email name and a special cellphone company domain (something like [email protected]) gets converted to a text message, so new code should not be needed.

Old request, but can I second this please? This would be a great feature from a security point of view and hopefully easy to implement.


Yes. I would like to see this also. I had an incident just the other day when I noticed in my client list that a new device had gained access through wi-fi. Had no idea what it was because it had no descriptive name. Was it an unauthorized visitor or what? Took me a long time to find out that was an Amazon firestick that the kids had bought that I didn’t know was here. They had it plugged in behind the TV. I have no Idea how long it had been on the network.
Maybe you could even show a popup on the screen if a new device/user has been added since last visit to the admin interface. This option could even be turned on or off. Thanks