New Balance 20, Questions. Performed like bonded, only 5 algorithms?


So this is odd. I have a 65mb down and 5mb up Cable connection and a 20mb down 2mb up ADSL connection. When I first got everything hooked up, I was running speedtests at bonded speeds. 86mb down, and over 6mb up.

Now it seems that when I hit a download or speedtest, it is hitting one connection or the other, not combined. Keeping in mind that I realize that bonded is only possible in a VPN with SpeedFusion, but this is a single Balance 20 providing two broadband connections.

Secondly, in the drop down of outbound algorithms, there is only 5 listed. I was very interested in the low latency algorithms but it isn’t there.

Firmware 5.4.9

Any suggestions?


Please refer here for the question of “WAN bonding”.

All Outbound Policy Algorithms are supported since v6.2.

Where can I get v6.2 from? All I see are 6.1.2 Build 2717 being available on this site.

I found the beta firmwares:

Have they been stable?

This is a RC (Release Candidate) version which near to official release version (GA). Tentatively v6.2 GA to be availale in this week.

Ok, thanks.