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I wish you guys made the 305-1350 with SFP+ ports. We have a new customer with 403 VoIP endpoints. Here’s what I wanted to do:

  1. Customer has 3 WAN’s for us to use. Fiber, 4 bonded T1’s, and a cable connection and all pulled to main server room. From there they have separate internal fiber connection connected to 35 buildings for phones and data (Separate Fiber runs). Phones will be using G.722 and G.711 codec and only about 50 phones will be used at any given time. Current switches are Cisco SGE2000P 48 and 24’s. In great condition and we will be keeping to reconfigure. These switches are in each branch building just for the phones and there is Cat5e from there to the endpoints.

I will be replacing all the Phones, Core Fiber Switch, and Firewalls with Polycom VVX Series phones, Cisco Catalyst 4500-X 16 Core Fiber Switch, and Balance 380.

It would have been nice to plug directly into the Balance 380 via SFP+ directly from my core fiber switch instead of having to install another switch to act as the Fiber to Ethernet converter. I don’t want to quote them a 2500 SFP+ just for this feature. I just feel like it would make more sense if every connection was directly fiber because that’s what they currently have now. Our new setup will be much better than what it is now but I feel like the only thing missing is the SFP+ port on the 380.

It was something that came to mind for the 100-500 endpoint range.



Thank you for the excellent feedback from the fields regarding to the physical connections requirement. We will definitely bring this into the future product planning for the new hardware generation.

Thank you

Thanks Sitloongs!

While it’s out there I should probably just throw in there to see if you guys would even consider SFP+ for the 210 and 310 as well. Thanks!