Network Very Slow to Start Broadcasting

Every now and then my internal network just goes away for 10 to 15 minutes. During that time SSID is not being broadcast and the only way to access the PepWave is via ethernet. It’s also very slow to come up after a restart but not always. Generally everything works great as we’ve switched campgrounds a lot in the last 6 months.

Any idea on what I should be looking for?

Hi Bob. Please tell us exactly which device you have and what you mean by “internal network just goes away.” Do you mean you are unable to connect to the router via wi-fi?

As to the “slow boot issue”: Are you using wi-fi-as-WAN? If so, how many profiles do you have set up, what do the RSSIs look like from the APs to which you are trying to connect? And, when this occurs are you in a dense wi-fi environment (e.g., many users on the host system and/or many APs in the immediate vicinity?)

Please give us a bit more information.

~10 minutes is also about right for a DFS CAC period, if your network is 5GHz only and the AP is selecting a DFS channel that could also explain it.

are you using wifi WAN too?