Network-Coded TCP Layer for SpeedFusion

It could radically increase the value of speed fusion links from multi-cellular Max devices back to Balance routers if both endpoints could implement Network Coded TCP. This could dramatically increase throughput over multiple lossy cellular links by concealing individual packet losses. If the CTCP was confined to the SpeedFusion layer, or just encapsulated CTCP on UDP between the endpoints, it should be an easy upgrade. Huge benefit for Max users!

Trey, this is an interesting idea. We wonder if you have experienced such technology before? How do you come up with this request? Thanks.

I’m looking at some mobile applications that would get much-needed throughput gains from CTCP. Articles on the tech are linked below. I think the benefit of adding this method as an optional part of the SpeedFusion layer would be in creating TCP performance over UDP between the endpoints in a concealed (from the user) way that also dramatically improves underlying TCP throughput. For multi-cellular SF links, this would be a huge gain.