Network architeture with Max Transit Duo - Help

I have a Max Transit Duo - Cat 12. I have a WifiRanger GoAC with USB tethering support.

I want to use the following features on the devices:

MTD router:

  • Use all of the Speedfusion capabilities
  • Use both cellular modems (AT&T and Verizon)
  • Use the WifiRanger AC (powered WiFi radio) as a WAN input

WifiRanger GoAC:

  • Use the USB tethering for an additional WAN interface
  • Both routers support WiFi as WAN.
  • Basically, I want the Max Transit Duo to control the WAN, including all of the balancing, aggregation, etc. options that Speedfusion provides.
  • I want the 4glte device tethered to the GoAC to be in the WAN pool (2 x embedded cellular, WifiRanger AC for Wifi, tethered USB modem)
  • I would prefer that the Max Transit Duo be the DHCP server but the GoAC would be OK.

Since the Max Transit Duo can’t disable DHCP, do IP passthrough, or serve as a WAN gateway, WHILE allowing Speedfusion to work, how can I bridge these two routers to include the WifiRanger AC Wifi radio in the WAN pool?

Which router should be upstream or downstream?

Or, is there some device that will allow connecting a USB tethered device to be connected to the WAN ethernet port on the Max Transit Duo?

Is there a device that will allow one WAN port to allow two connections? This is a stretch, I know.

Thank you for any advice.

What is your use case / what are you trying to achieve?

Why not use the Transit Duo for the two cellular and 2.4ghz + 5ghz WiFi as WAN? Why involve the WifiRanger at all?

You do understand that for Speedfusion you need another Peplink device hosted elsewhere or use the Solo on a VM in a datacenter? Which Speedfusion technology do you want to use?

The duo also has another WAN port for a fifth WAN. You could connect a Mikrotik (I think that is what the WifiRanger uses), another cellular device, etc.

I sometimes find better connection with WiFi and the WiFiRanger Elite AC is a fantastic device. I’ve sat across a field, about 1.5km from a Starbucks, and have had fantastic connection - no reason to use cellular data.

I want to use all of the Speedfusion capabilities and can do so by deploying a SOLO server with Vultr, $6/mo. In the future, I might host the server myself at home so that I can avoid all of the trouble with streaming services cutting off service to vpn traffic. For now, I’ll just turn the Speedfusion service off when I want to watch Netflix or other.

As I mentioned, I already have the WiFiRanger Elite AC so don’t need a new one. The Max Transit Duo will include it in the WAN pool with the cellular radios.

All I really want is to have a tethering option (my GoAC router) so that I can take advantage of 4x4 MIMO in certain instances. I would like to have the Max Transit Duo include it in the WAN pool but I’m not hopeful.