Netgear LB1121 compatibility with Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3

I have the Pepwave Surf SOHO…very nice product. I want to use the USB on the SOHO for a 4G connection failover on my boat. I was hoping I could use the Netgear LB1121 4G LTE modem via a ethernet to USB dongle connected into the USB WAN connection on the front of the Pepwave router. I did not find the LB1121 listed in the compatible modem list. Will the Netgear LB1121 work in this configuration?

Hi. No one here is familiar with that device. Some information found on the web suggests the ethernet jack is for WAN connectivity; other information says LAN. Makes a difference. If it is actually a LAN port you’re in luck. And, the reason you may not find it on the compatible modem list is because it does not HAVE to be there as it is not a USB device. Generally, such a modem can simply be connected via ethernet cable to your ethernet/USB dongle and it’ll work. That assumes, of course, that the RJ45 jack is for LAN, not WAN.

Note: This appears to be a router with integrated 4G modem rather than just a modem, If I’m right, you’ll want to put it in bridge mode (or whatever Netgear terms it) so you are not "double-NAT’d.

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Thanks Rick! Great support…and quick! Peplink rocks!