Netgear Aircard AC785-100EUS shows connected on Balance One

Hi all,

Just FYI. I have connected the Netgear Aircard AC785-100EUS to our Balance Core one with firmware v7.0.0 and it works. It shows connected (so it gets an IP address), but Peplink admin screen doesn’t offer more configs (for instance directly turn on/off the mobile connection or reconnect) (I believe the officially supported 3G/4G modems* will be able to do that).


P.s. *Bit frustrating to see the list of the officially supported 3G/4G modems not growing. On that page it says to email Peplink if you have a new modem. I done that, and I got a reply that it is ‘not’ supported (end of story). In March 2017 I have asked to update the list or at least extend them. Hopefully something happens. You can’t really go and buy a new 4G modem, since new ones are not on that list.