Netflow feature is required in all the peplink devices

We required netflow feature in all the peplink devices to monitor our Speedfusion links our VPN links our internet links etc. Pls let us know if this is in pipeline if now pls do that as it is really important to know that what all link is being used by how much in the later listed connection types so that future and current decision can be made accordingly


Is there any update on this request? same here also we need netflow to monitor our traffic. hope they will consider this request.

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+1 for netflow!

This is a very important feature!

This feature would greatly assist us as well. We use Netflow off all of our other routers, and having this option available would assist us in diagnosing bandwidth issues.

This feature is key to some of my customers also.

Hello Everyone,
The NetFlow protocol itself appears to have been superseded by the Internet Protocol Flow Information eXport (IPFIX), you can read more here in Wikipedia

Going forward it maybe better to ask Peplink for implementation of the IPFIX standard

Moving forward the need for Peplink’s Engineering team to be working on implementing the older NetFlow standard based on these observations would be inappropriate.

Most likely if your customers are asking for NetFlow features (and understanding your customers are always correct based on there current education), then they most likely the customer is working still on older standards, so you now have the perfect opportunity to update the education of your customers on the new standards and thus save them a lot of time & money.
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Marcus :slight_smile:



IPFIX may be the future, but at the moment, it isnt. I do not use any product, that is providing IPFIX-data, but MANY products, providing netflow…
All my other routers, switches, etc. are using netflow…

IPFIX or NetFlow, either one can work. We need a way to see what a router is doing at the times there are Bandwidth or Carrier issues so we can troubleshoot further.

any news for this ? we need the netflow

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as I know IPFIX (NetFlow V10) is compatible with NetFlow V9, but it’s not a cisco standard. So it would be great to find this in the Firmware 8.
Are there plans to bring this?
If you have a lot of Clients in your network, with a lot of VPN Connections you need something to find the black sheeps like TopTalker and so on.



Is it possible for Peplink to enable an Incontrol interface to DPI so that it provides functionality equivalent to Netflow collectors?


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Now that we have an Entreprise firmware release , would be a good candidate for 8.1 :smiley:


We are also waiting for this feature. It is very important to give proper insight on the policy that should be implemented.

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Have update Netflow Feature on Peplink yet?

Hello, is there any update on this feature request? We have been getting questions about this from our users so we can monitor traffic.

Check out the latest beta firmware - 8.1.0 Beta 1
You can enable the Netflow feature from the support page.


Hi. I am testing the IPFIX part of this. Is there a JSON file somewhere containing the IPFIX field definitions ? Thank you in advance.


I have to ask this again.

I use Graylog as a netflow/IPFIX collector.
I suppose Peplink is following RFC7012 (previously RFC5102) for the IP Flow Information Export Entities (IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Entities).

But any additional field that are being collected that are vendor/hardware specific need to be defined in a JSON file.


Is there a JSON file with specific additional fields for Peplink routers/FH ?

Thank you in advance.



UBR is not in the list and this is a major issue for a PrimeCare model.
Could you check if this is in the roadmap and when we could have it?

Thanks !