Netflix traffic to only one WAN interface

I thought I had done my research on this before buying a balance 20, but trying to set it up is proving that I may not have interpreted things correctly.

I have a satellite (WAN1) and a microwave(WAN2) internet connection. I never want Netflix to use the satellite. Same thing with torrents.

Is there any way to do this and still allow weighted balancing on the rest of the traffic?

Thanks for any tips.


You have the following ways to identify traffic (which you can then apply outbound policies to), by source IP, by destination IP, by domain and by application ports. If you google how to block netflix you’ll see that netflix have a broad range of IP blocks and domain names that they serve content from, so doing that way can be really tough.

If you can do it, I would recommend doing it by source IP, so if you watch netflix on a smart tv, send all traffic from that smart tv out over the WAN2 connection (enforced outbound policy using the smart tv IP as the traffic identifier), and with torrents, set up one PC in the house as the torrent machine and send all of its traffic out over WAN2 as well. Of course if you then spin up netflix on a tablet it will send its traffic out over which ever WAN is available (or use whatever default outbound policy you have configured), so that is still an issue…

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Just seen this KB article Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

So what you could do is set up a VLAN for the smart TV, add that subnet to the exempted groups then block netflix for every other device / network…

This is exactly the advice i needed. Thank you very much - seems the easiest way to solve this problem for sure.