Netflix no longer works when bonding via FusionHub


Has anyone else had any issues accessing Netflix when you’re bonding multiple WANs via FusionHub? It no longer works for any of my customers and I’ve had 3 different ones complain about it over the past 2 weeks. It basically gives an error saying Netflix cannot be accessed over a VPN connection or proxy, and to connect directly without using VPN to use Netflix services. This is for Netflix Canada. It basically gives the error message you’d get when using VPN and trying to access Netflix US. It’s basically this here:


It sounds as though Netflix has detected that the traffic is being routed over a VPN. If you only use one WAN do the customers get the same message?


No they don’t, it’s only when we are bonding 2 of them via FusionHub it gives that error.


Online streaming services are blocking access from massive blocks of IPs owned by cloud hosting companies to block out of region/country access.

To get round this you can do bonding from a remote peer to a FusionHub, then set send all traffic via LAN and forward to a firewall appliance hosted alongside the Fusionhub which has an OpenVPN connection to a VPN service that specializes VPN for Netflix (eg NordVPN, PrivateVPN, ExpressVPN).


Just to make sure I do not misunderstand: If you connect to the fusionhub with a single WAN (no bonding) and route your pepVPN traffic across that WAN, then netflix does not object when you stream Netflix across the Fusionhub/VPN?