Netflix Connectivity Issues

Hi -
As stated - can’t get Netflix to work.

WAN is provided via USB/Wifi connection to the same Inseego MiFi. Connection is 4G Cell on Sprint network. Generally 3-10 Mbps down (better than the DSL we get here).

DNS server is auto-assigned from WAN > all LANs/VLANs (do have OpenDNS servers on MiFi).

TV is on segregated VLAN (no inter-VLAN routing), associated with wireless net/SSID. Subnet is exempted from content blocking.

No firewall rules to speak of (except to be able to access MiFi GUI).

Can connect to Netflix and Internet via laptop on TV’s SSID. Streaming from Netflix (and Amazon) does not seem to work from the TV though (general connectivity error nw-3-6 and 3-6-1/2). At some point it was working fine - then seems to have stopped.

Any thoughts? TIA - George

Just something to try… when this happened to my TiVo A few years ago, I changed the dns to (google) and it started working again.

Netflix usage on a 4G cellphone network is complicated. It may be blocked or throttled either by either Netflix or the cellphone company. A VPN may bypass the problem.

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