Needed enhancements to Peplink Balance30 LTE

Have a problem with error notification from InControl. We have installed 500> Peplinks for a specific customer of ours and want to use notifications. Problem is simple. We get way too many messages.

Here is the problem: Lets say WAN1 (cable) is bouncing; we get a down message and an up message for WAN1. We also get an up message for the 4G and a standby when WAN1 goes back up. Imagine what happens when the circuit is bouncing. With 500 we can expect 1% pre week of problems (as a minimum), That’s 5 sites sending 4 messages every time it bounces. If we configure a delay that only drops one of the message leaving 3 per cycle.

What is needed is that we should not get either the ‘down’ or 'up message unless it is down for X minutes. Likewise the 4G failover and standby should not be sent unless the down time of the WAN1 is over the X minutes,.

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