Need WiFi on a large boat

Due to marinas being spread apart to far from each other need WiFi a far range.

Hi Terry, are you asking for help with long range WiFi client Access? I mean getting internet access via marina public WiFi when the marina is far away?

Or long range WiFi access points so your devices can access the internet no matter where they are onboard?

What networking / internet equipment do you have onboard currently?

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(1) Laptop,(1) Tablet & (1) Tv

I though of buying a unit like CC Vector long range WiFi repeater system.

Before you do that I’d respectfully suggest you contact your local Peplink Partner. (I’d a-l-wa-y-s make this recommendation before encouraging the addition of a repeater/cobbled-up solution, etc). If you don’t have a relationship with, or have not contacted, a Partner, if you tell us at least generally where you are located someone is likely to be able to help. (We don’t do marine work but there are several highly competent Partners who do – AU, EU, NA, NZ, etc.) If you provide this information I’d expect a contact from one of these folks to follow, perhaps via PM.