Need WAN3 to be active in the event of WAN1 or WAN2 is down


Dear Guys,

I need to know how we can deploy the following scenario with Peplink Balance:

We have WAN-1 ,WAN-2 and WAN-3.
WAN-1 & WAN-2 should be used all the time with Weighted Balance algorithm, but We need to make WAN-3 as a backup WAN link which should be activated on the below conditions:

1- If WAN-1 Disconnected , WAN-3 should be online.
2- If WAN-2 Disconnected , WAN-3 should be online.
3- If both WAN-1 & WAN-2 disconnected , WAN-3 should be online.

waiting your advice.



Hi Hootan,

Please find the screen shot below. We only can achieve this at the moment. I assume all WANs are same priority.

  1. May I know any reason you need this kind of Load Balancing scenario?

  2. WAN3 is pay as you use basis? For example satelite link.

Thank you.



Thanks for reply, this is requested by our customer. but in the way you mentioned WAN-3 would not be replaced when WAN-1 or WAN-2 fails. We need WAN-3 could be online in case of WAN-1 **or **WAN-2 failed. I can put WAN-3 in backup mode but in only would be online when **BOTH **WAN-1 and WAN-2 failed.



Hi Hootan,

Can you get more info on the customer requirement? We are interested to know and study the feasibility to do this.

Normally backup WAN is on pay as you use basis or having quota limit. It only be use if all active WANs are not available. We also interested to know what type of WAN for WAN3.

Thank you.


I think customer need to keep a constant level of the bandwidth for his network. He wants two WAN links to be used in all situations. If WAN-1 failed WAN-3 could be online or if WAN-2 failed again WAN-3 could be online. consider he has 3x 2Mbps WAN links. so he wants in case of each WAN failing, the backup WAN (WAN-3) enters the game, so he wants 4Mbps bandwidth for the network in all time. forget the rare case that both WAN-1 and WAN-2 drop and in this situation only WAN-3 is in play as a normal Peplink behavior.

in a simple wordŁˆ we need a feature to select in what circumstances a backup WAN comes to play. substituting WAN-1 or WAN-2 or both of them.


Hi Hootan,

I will move this thread to feature request for the team to take consideration.

Thank you.