Need WAN Health Check itemized event logging to diagnose potential WAN instability

I have already posted the full description of what I am proposing here:

As we continue to experience disruptions in our internet connection even when a WAN Health Check failure is not currently listed in the event log, it is near impossible to diagnose whether the issue is from the Peplink or the WAN. It is also impossible to determine the actual frequency of failures per WAN to help us further diagnose.

For us, this is quite urgent as the lack of stability is forcing us to eliminate our multi-WAN setup and to return to just one WAN in order to have more consistent – if much slower – internet access.

I would appreciate it if the Peplink community managers can escalate this request to the development team for consideration in the next firmware release. I imagine that it will be very helpful to all of your customers - even if they do not realize it yet.


this would help tremendously

How do I tag this topic to make sure Peplink Support sees it? There does not seem to be a generic at-support or at-balance username to tag.

Of course, I see the humor in asking this question when they may not listening, but I would appreciate it if anyone else knows how support can be tagged.


You can set up notification emails upon WAN drop. Go to System/Email Notification. Not the same as having in the log file but it’s better tan nothing.

Thanks but that doesn’t address what I was asking for. I need logs (or notifications) when individual Health Checks fail – not only when there is a total WAN drop (after the full cycle of Health Checks fail).

Our InControl2 management platform has a report on event logs, as per shown below, where you can view the particular device’s offline and online history, or down to specific WAN interface. Does that help you in your case?

since i assume down means the failure of all health checks rather than an individual health check, no it does not help.

i would suggest you look at the longer post i linked to to better understand the full details and reason behind it.

again, i think all peplink customers would benefit from this greatly.


This would be hugely helpful for me too.
I have a problem with several wan lines dropping packets, but not always to the extent that they force a disconnection. I’ve got a feeling that these packet losses are occurring more at particular times of day, or are correlated to something else externally. Ideally, I’d like to have a way to ping via a WAN port at regular intervals (say once a second) and log ping time and packet losses via syslog or something so that I can try to get an idea what’s going on with the lines.