Need urgent Help please ! BR1 not visible on IC Control and no WiFi but works with phyiscal LAN

Hello Experts,
Need some urgent guidance. have a live client bus fleet deployment fitted with the BR1 LTE in which the WiFi is not working although the units are on, the SIM cards are live but no WiFi

However when I connect to the unit via a LAN cable its working. Any ideas what we can do to solve this problem.

We are on 7.0.0Build 2445 and using Social Login with a data limit.

It is a business critical problem for us and are struggling to get a resolution.

Any advise is greatly appreciated

Please open a support ticket here for further assistance.

Forum post may not be the right channel to work on such problem.

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Hi there,
I concur, and so we have already opened a support ticket on this - however still waiting for some feedback on the same - so thought to leverage off some community experiences to find some answers. As you can imagine with a live deployment this is a business critical concern for us.

Look forward to some advise, please.


Do you mind to share the ticket number here ? May help to keep an eye for the support ticket

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Look forward to your repsonse please

Have checked on the support ticket and more info requires in-order support team able to assist the issue. Please provide the info as requested and support will follow up with you.

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All information updated in the ticket. Waiting response.

We can take this up in the ticket and once the resolution is there can update the final status here , but please do ensure that we get the same attention off your team as you have provided on this forum.

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