Need unbreakable Livestreaming Solution

Hi everyone,

I am completely new to the forum / relatively new to the topic and have some questions for a use case.

For a business client, I want to provide an “unbreakable” Livestream from a Corporate Event (Talk to employees).
There are wired and wireless LAN-Connections available from the clients side. Those connections sometimes fail or temporarily disconnect due to network restrictions.

To ensure a stable connection, I want to bond 2, better 4 Cellular LTE-connections as well as the clients LAN and WirelessLAN at the same time. The stream will be performed from my Laptop, so I just need a solution that works as a “fail-safe mobile router” with the possibility to simultaineously connect to LAN and WirelessLAN at the same time.

My question:
Is the Peplink UBR LTE a good solution for this case or do I need more hardware to simultaneously connect to LTE / LAN / WLAN?

I hope, this is the right forum for my questions.
Thank you in advance for helping me out and have a nice day, all the best from Germany

Hi Beni,

the UBR is a good device to that. The first question is, what is the bandwith you want to achieve.

If you want, you can call me to talk about the details.

Best wishes from Munich

Hey Dennis,

thank you for your extremely quick answer!
The maximum Data I need to provide ist a Full HD Stream (1920 x 1080 at 25 fps).
Normally, 10 Mbit/s Upstream should work for that? Downstream doesn’t matter that much, but for technical reasons, 10 Mbit/s are totally fine, I guess.

Does the UBR provide the possibility to connect LAN / WLAN / LTE at the same time and the Router itself balances the load onto all those connections?

All the best from (near) Rosenheim