Need suggestion on product


I have a very old Balance Plus unit that is no longer in use… Very old being perhaps 8 years old?

DOes anyone have a suggestion on what unit I should go to at this point? i…e. will the Balance 20/30 have all of the features of the original Balance Plus?

I stopped using it because of the limited data rates that was not supporting my faster internet (at the time). I see the new units handle 100 mb.

Any suggestion would be welcome.



What a classic you have, George! But yeah for day-to-day use, we definitely want a newer model instead.

And yes it is true the Balance 20 handles 100Mbps. It’s good for home or small office. How fast are your Internet links?


I am wondering if the Balance 20 has all of the features of my older unit. Do you know?

Speed available is 50 mbps plus a 2nd slower WAN.


Yes. Everything and more. From Balance 20 and above.

Balance 20 should work just fine for your WANs. We have added a number of exciting features and made advancements in a lot of areas. You will be impressed.

Kurt… I assume the Balance 30 is the Balance 20 with one extra WAN. If I only have two WANs and only plan on two, is there any other benefit to the 30?

Also… when was the last hardware “update”/enhancement to the 20/30 series? I do not like to purchase a unit and later find out a new one is coming out within the coming months/year.

Do you know of any plans for a newer unit for the 20/30 price range?



That is right, George. Balance 30 is Balance 20 with one extra Ethernet WAN. If you have 2 WAN and plan on staying with the 2 then a Balance 20 would be good for you.

The Balance 20/30 on sales today came out late 2010 and there is no plan as far as I can see to have a new model in the SOHO/Prosumer dual-/multi-WAN segment for which the Balance 20/30 are serving well. Your investment is protected.