Need some help with Static Route Settings

i have 2 Lan’s and would like to be able to see some devices on the 1st lan from the 2nd.

LAN1: (has it own internet connection, with dynamic IP) BT home hub router
LAN2: (has it own with dual internet connection, with static IP’s) BlanaceOne Core

ok IP address is a NAS, and i would to be able to see this from my LAN2.
ok IP address is a PRINTER, and i would to be able to see this from my LAN2.

how can i do this while keeping the lan separate so they keep they own ISP’s for internet usage ?.

hope someone can help.

Hi. Best way I can think of is to add a new port based vlan to the balance one. Set this vlan to have an IP in 192.168.1.x range (eg disable DHCP for this subnet (since the BT Home Hub is doing that) - enable inter vlan routing checkbox. Connect the balance one from the LAN port assigned to this new VLAN to the LAN of the BT Home hub.

Add a static route on the BT Home HUb for -> (or whatever you set the balance one IP to when you set up the VLAN).

Your devices on the Balance One LAN should now be able to access all devices on the BT Home Hub network - but internet access routes will stay as before. If you don’t want to give the 192.168.2.x devices full access to the .1.x network (just the NAS) you can do that with firewall rules.

thanks, managed to do through my layer 3 switch with VLAN’s and adding static route on the Balance one.

Good stuff. Glad you got it working.