Need some help for setting

I’m running internet cafe with 40 computers.
I’d like to set up 3 FFTN(50MB/10MB with 20 ping) for Same ISPs. With Pbl 310 all in 1 line.

All of my store computer is boot with network. (CCBoot, so call No hard drive system)
The question is after merge 3 internet line, that will be works as 1 internet line cause network boot need static ips and DChp.

After merge 3 internet line how will perform speed ? 100MB/20MB this is my target speed and lower then 20 ping will these will be possible.?

Pbl 310 after should I use cisco 2901 router or just skip direct to switch?

Also should I set 2 lines for primary and other to back up? since Pbl 310 is only support 100MB out put?

All advice will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance…


If you would like to combine the throughput of the WAN links into one single tunnel, this would require our Speedfusion technology which will bond your internet connections. This does require two SF capable devices as a site-to-site VPN is created between the two.

More information regarding SF:

With just the single unit you will be load-balancing in between all of your connections.

Example: Internet going through SpeedFusion

-You browse to That data session is being broken up and sent down all available WAN links (Remote SF device is receiving those packets and putting them in the correct order).

Example: Internet without Speedfusion

-You browse to That data session is being sent down 1 single WAN link.

If you are not going the Speedfusion route and just want to load balance. I would recommend the Balance 305 as it is only $100 more then the B310 and has 200Mbps of throughput. (Price difference is due to that the B310 is Speedfusion capable where as the B305 is not).

Thank you.
So just one unit only load balancing. this can make 2 gateway ips to one gateway ip?
Could you give me the link how to set it up…?
Looking at manual but too much things…

Thank you…


this can make 2 gateway ips to one gateway ip?
No. If you have 2 gateways, 2 of your WAN interfaces will have their own IP.

Please refer here to understand the requirement for WAN connections. For detail configuration of WAN interface, you may refer to our manual.

Hello Access,

We are a Canadian-based Peplink reseller with several Peplink Certified Technicians and can help you with your questions.
As Jarid pointed out, if you want true line bonding you need SpeedFusion and two Speedfusion capable devices (like a Balance 310 at each end).

However, load-balancing may help you to spread the traffic from multiple simultaneous “boots” across multiple WANs. The Peplinks can automatically send each different network session to a different WAN – packets from one session will be routed through the same WAN so your network boot will only see 1 public IP per session. Load balancing will not allow a single “boot” to load any faster, but it will allow multiple boots to load faster.

I hope that helps. If you have more questions or are interested in purchasing a unit, please contact me: 888-404-6268x405.
We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee: you can purchase the unit and if it doesn’t work as expected, we’ll take it back. Contact me for more details.

Thank you. info.
One more question.
Blp 305, this is I’m gonna buy .
The best option look like Drop in mode and add two lines.
After all assign with ips. at client computer side what is Gateway ip ?
is it first drop in mode router’s gateway ip or Blance’s ip.
That is my question…
Do I still need cisco router to Switch or I can just use Blancer instead of Cisco?

Also Do you guy offer something like remote set up service?
If I getting trouble I might need…
Can i get your Email or something that I can reach you?

Thank you for your info.
putting in post like this is hard…

Hi Access,

Believe this (Peplink | Pepwave - Forum) will give you some idea of Drop-in mode.