need response from pep wave on my experience with max duo purchased less than month ago.

i purchased a max duo from a reseller that sells your product.
i have been down for most of the time.
read my letter i sent this morning to the sad company…
i need a response from someone in you company to prove my assessment here is incorrect. please read on. If you care about your clients I would like to talk to Eric the owner please.
Chris, Dave
here is my assessment of this product and your company.
I have been down for 4 days due to simple throttling from your service provider. no one has responded since. from talking to experienced others this is correctable by your company but no one cares…
Seems the pep wave devices are a problematic technology requiring extensive knowledge of the potential failures that will occur and a full understanding of many quirks in this hotspot service environment. I stayed up all night to search out the router pepwave product through all forums and service ratings on the internet.and came to this conclusion…
your company has many complaints like this attachment below.
could not find any star reviews since you wiped them out.
Some of your competitors have star ratings. Facebook has had 9 complaints recently. all similar to mine. I hate to see what the real dissatisfaction rate is. Very few complain and just take their losses.
This is a poor way to run a fractured business model.
so here is what it looks like to run this router and isp provider.
1- will need 20 to 30 hrs a month just to call and work with your tech support…2- it will cost few thousand a month at 250 per hr to have you work with me…3- can i get anyone to even work with at a reasonable response time few days,few weeks if you respond at all…
4- you will deter my precious business time from being productive in my development company. This will cost me personally 300 per hr to fiddle with this equipment . Your service record we have had the last 3+ weeks is 2 half hr calls and bad and incomplete info from Andy and his youtube training/advice. This guy needs to do something else for a living.
I was an electronics field engineer for a hospital chain for 10 years.
owned 4 computer stores for 9 years and have been building and developing raw land projects till now.
This stuff is not difficult for me but I see the technology has big issues. at least the pepwave does…
The average user cannot use this product initially since it will take months for them to experience all the failures and fixes and if they work or don’t work… probably many cannot be fixed and the customer is stuck with expensive hardware that cannot function reliably,ever.
seems training must be extensive in the router hotspot business to run these contraptions.
I am looking at peplink forums and support groups. This product is not ready for the general consumer…
you should not waste people’s time with highly unstable products and provide almost no service to support this high instability. Even if we hired you we would be draining our cash resources monthly, because of the instability of the product, at an enormous rate to run a simple hotspot connection for 1 or 2 computers. and you would not respond in a timely manner for sure , per your track record so far. So what is the point?
I haven’t even moved my motor home yet. I hate to see what happens when I go to my development projects this month.
Let’s return my money. I will send the unit back.
need rma authorization please.

Here is one of your many clients recently.

WIFI continuously scanning

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Created on 16 Oct 2021 1:40 AM
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I have had this setup for a few months now and I am ready to make a you tube video of me smashing the whole set-up. Support sucks, I am extremely unhappy and wished I never spent the money on this set-up. The wifi has never worked and all the videos on the internet with ANDY are extremely vague and never cover what to do if the wifi does nothing but scan all the time. What a colossal waste of time money and my patients. I have soft reset, I have hard reset the router. I even paid extra to have remote admin and nothing is working right. No articles about this problem what so ever. No videos. I CAN NOT BE THE ONLY PERSON WITH THIS PROBLEM. EMAIL SUPPORT BY THE WAY IS NOT WORKING.

Peter, so sorry to hear that your experience thus far has been so bad.
Would love to see if I can help. I’m not ‘Peplink’ so I’ll leave those guys to come back to you on this but I’ll also message you privately here and see if there is anything I can do to assist in the meantime.

I suspect I know where you bought your Pepwave device.
The Peplink technical support model provides that the seller of the equipment provides 1st level support. Some do it better than others.
This is really not a Peplink issue, it’s a problem with the seller of the equipment and/or possibly the cellular provider if you are actually being throttled by the reseller plan provided by the seller.
I’ve made several installations of Peplink devices in the RV environment. All were accomplished without incident, as long as I had the applicable data plans for the device. In all instances, the performance of the equipment was better than I anticipated.
I’ve received a lot of help from members on this forum. If you will PM me with your phone #, I can help you with some basic trouble shooting.
If it’s any consolation, I feel your pain.

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what plan do you have exactly? what carrier? what plan?

you are providing no details

what precisely is the issue

what troubleshooting have you done?