Need More SpeedFusion Cloud? Additional Usage Plans

Hi Martin - I work for a Peplink Partner! Yes, I am aware of the alternatives in terms of hosting FusionHub etc; I’m curious to know the roadmap as SpeedFusion Cloud is so simple to roll out and manage. If there are faster Cloud plans coming, then there is less reason to be deploying our own hosted solution.

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How does the renewal process work? How is one notified as they near the end of a top up plan in order to seamlessly renew without loss of service?

@smammen, you can renew it from

You may turn on notification in the InControl2 as below.

You will get an e-mail notification when data quota is less than 10GB or license will be expired in 7 days.

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Thanks TK.

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Three questions:

  1. Objective: Determine which Speedfusion Cloud plan based on my data use. Peplink Max Transit Duo - I can see how much upload/download has been done on each of my two LTE connections. How do I see how much has passed through Fusionhub (over time period)?

  2. I currently have Speedfusion bonding (two LTE WANs) with Fusionhub hosted at Vultr. What can I expect in terms of performance and VPN blocking on Speedfusion Cloud?

  3. I forgot the third question.

Someone? Thank you!

For the SpeedFusion usage, you can locate this in the monthly reports. When you open the monthly usage report, it will have the current and previous month as links. When you open the link, there is a tab for PepVPN which will show the SF usage for the month.