Need help writing some outgoing rules


I have a bal 50 with 4 LAN connections. WAN 1,2 and 3 are 1.5 Mb/sec DSL lines. These are unlimited data, but obviously slow.

Wan 4 is a Verizon LTE home internet, fast internet, with a 30 Gb data cap.

Here is what I want to do. I want to write rules so that all data goes through WAN 1-3 except 3 specific computers and one ROKU box which I want to go entirely through WAN 4. How can I write rules to do that?

Thanks in advance!



Make the Roku box take a static IP, or assign a DHCP IP reservation to it. See Network LAN settings.
Do the same for 3 specific computers.

If you use static IP’s, then also use DNS from WAN 4.

Outgoing policy:

The default rule: set to Custom, weighted balance, set sliders full on WAN 1 to 3, and 0 on WAN 4.

Add rule:
Source; the IP of roku, or the 3 PC,s
Dest: any
Protocol: any
Algo: Priority (this will allow fall back. If not desired, use Enforced)
Set priority order (drag up / down WANS) - WAN 4 on top.
Apply settings

Repeat until all 3 specific PC IPs and roku IP are entered (4 rules total).

If you are OK with CIDR, then you could condense that to one rule (but not important).


thank you so much for your time and effort.
Rules written as your recommended with perfect results!!

Thanks so much!!

No problem. There is one extra rule you should add for this arrangement to make HTTPS work properly on the wan 1 to 3

Source; any
Dest: any
Protocol: HTTPS
Port 443
Algo: Persistence
By source
Set WAN 1to3 full, 4 to 0
Move this rule After / lowest on the list.
Apply settings.

This causes the HTTPS session from any one client to any one https destination, to use the one WAN - what ever was selected by Peplink. This is important because many SSL servers will view an SSL connection spread over different IP’s, as bad and drop it.