Need help with Max BRN Mini LTE

Hi there- new to Peplink products and I am either having trouble understanding how these work or there is something going on with this unit.

I purchased this unit used and activated a sim card to pair with it. At first, I could not access the web interface.I checked the default gateway and it was set to an address the previous owner must have set up. After a hard reset, I could now log in to the interface via using admin/admin. But what I have found is that as soon as the router receives a data connection, the admin/admin login does not work and says “invalid username or password.”

I’ve read some threads and thought maybe I need to purchase a license to use the device and maybe its locking me out? I set up a peplink account and tried to register the device by serial number- but the site said this serial was already registered to another company.

Did someone sell me a unit that I cant use? Or am I doing something wrong? All I need this for is for a backup internet connection in case our service goes down. I may possible add a 2nd SIM card to it.

If anyone could provide some info that would be great!

Sounds to me like someone has sold you a device that has already been registered in their incontrol 2 account, so you factory reset it but as soon as it connects to the internet it pulls down a config.

Remove sims, hard reset it. Log in with admin admin and then stop it talking to IC2 by going to System, InControl and disabling it. Save and apply.

Then holler at your point of purchase and get them to remove the device from their InControl2 organisation.

Whilst you’re waiting the device is fully functional, but you will likely want IC2 access to make managing and monitoring it easier.

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If your seller cannot get your unit removed from a previous IC2 subscription then Peplink can assist:


Thank you!

Do I need it setup on an incontrol2 account? All I was planning to do with it was use it as a router with mobile data and wifi. Does it need additional licensing for this or to add a 2nd sim card from another carrier?

Thanks again for the help

No, but its free for the first year and adds things like historic GPS mapping and gives you the ability to remotely manage the device if you ever needed to. Might be worth a play.

No no extra licensing needed for what you want to do. If you want to use the wired WAN port or use it to connect to other wifi networks as an additional form of internet connectivity then you need an extra license.

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But you definitely need to get your device off the seller’s IC2, otherwise you run the risk of the old IC2 configuration overriding yours if you ever happen to enable InControl management of your device.

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Looks like I need to contact the seller- thank you all for the help!!