Need help to deny visitor VLAN access remote speedfusion vpn


We have a 3x Balance 580 router and 1 fusionhub.
each Balance has 2 vlans 1 for employer 1 for visitor

Balance 580 a vlan untag 192.168.11.x vlan 100 visitor 192.168.21.x
Balance 580 b vlan untag 192.168.12.x vlan 100 visitor 192.168.22.x
Balance 580 c vlan untag 192.168.13.x vlan 100 visitor 192.168.23.x

now with speedfusion each 192.168.2x.x could visite remote 192.168.1x.x

how could i deny visitor access remote speedfusion vpn lan ?

deny 192.168.21.x access 192.168.12.x 192.168.13.x etc…

thank you

I would uncheck “Inter-Vlan Routing” on the VLAN setup page. Also, you can create a outbound fw rule (Deny) such as the one you have created above.