Need Help Setting up Balance One Core for Residential Use


I recently purchased a Balance One Core with the 5 port unlock to assist in managing my 4 DLS lines (adding two more tomorrow). I currently have three DSL lines installed and connected to my Balance One that are working wonderfully. However, when I connect the fourth it seems to cause problems. I’m not sure how to explain it other than everything works well then it becomes spuratic and semi unresponsive when the fourth modem is connected. I do not believe it is the number of modems it seems to have something to do with the one modem. I think it is a conflict in the settings but I do not know what to look for.

I use Frontier as my ISP and the models of modems I have are Westell 7550 (x3) and Westell D2200D (x1). It is the D2200D that causes the issue when connected to the network. When I look at web interface everything appears the same even though it is a different modem. I have made sure that all the modems have unique IP address (,, and The is the troublesome modem. I left it as the default IP address since it is different than the others and it was the last one added (newest modem). The other two DLS lines are being installed on the 12/19/16 and I’m assuming they will also be the D2200D modems.

Would you be able to help me getting this setup correctly?

Thank you

Please help ro upgrade to this firmware -

Do let me know if the problem persists.

Thank you.

Yes the first thing I did was to upgrade the firmware (it was back a version), it is at 6.3.3 build 2526 currently.

Thank you for the help!



I thought I would double check to see if there was a new firmware since I installed the 6.3.3 the other day (and there was). I installed and plugged in the D2200D modem and it still disrupts the setup.

I just noticed in the event log I am also getting these failures on that modem, almost one after another.

Dec 22 19:21:06 WAN: LAN 2 as WAN 4 connected (
Dec 22 19:20:56 WAN: LAN 2 as WAN 4 disconnected (WAN failed DNS test)
Dec 22 19:20:17 WAN: LAN 2 as WAN 4 connected (
Dec 22 19:19:46 WAN: LAN 2 as WAN 4 disconnected (WAN failed DNS test)
Dec 22 19:18:22 WAN: LAN 2 as WAN 4 connected (
Dec 22 19:18:06 WAN: LAN 2 as WAN 4 disconnected (WAN failed DNS test)
Dec 22 19:17:08 WAN: LAN 2 as WAN 4 connected (
Dec 22 19:15:36 WAN: LAN 2 as WAN 4 disconnected (WAN failed DNS test)

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Please help to open ticket for us to take closer look. This allowed us to figure out what is happening there.


@matt_stock Are all of your WAN subnet masks unique? Are the first three Is it possible that the fourth is set to something that would include the other three - like If so, change it to to keep from stomping on bit boundaries.

Also, does your LAN side conflict with any of these networks? I.e.- is your LAN USING 192.168.x.x as well? Since all of your WAN links appear to be natted before getting to the peplink - you might be better off changing your LAN network to 172.16.x.x or 10.x.x.x to insure each segment in WAN and LAN are unique.

It is a little strange for DSL links to not use a public IP on the WAN links. Not unheard of, just strange. I wonder if your DSL modems can be configured as bridges instead of NAT routers. Since Peplink is providing NAT for your network, you really don’t need it running on the modems. That would make your WAN IPs be the public IP of the modem instead of a NATted local address. Getting rid of a NAT level will definitely help with performance as well.

I don’t work for Peplink, but really believe that they make the best product on the market.

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Thanks for responding! I verified all subnet masks are

All of my IP address of the modems are unique as they are , , , and and they feed into the Balance One which is using the default so I am assuming the Balance One is passing out the address’s. I like the idea about letting the Balance One control the NAT to increase the performance, with my limited bandwidth I really need everything running as smooth as possible.

I will open up a trouble ticket per TK_Liew’s recommendations and hopefully this will all be sorted out! Something simple I am hoping.

Thank you again for your thoughts.